Co-Owner, Certified HSMC Professional & Chief Officer

Whether it's teaching our students how to fully engage guests, encouraging and directing our staff, or walking with our clients as they acquire new property, Stephen makes every step of the process FUN! Stephen, who has a history in construction & home improvement, leads from his experience as a vibrant leader, experienced builder, and HSMC professional. Coupled with his diverse experience, Stephen also has learned and continues to learn from some of the best and most successful in the industry, Brian Page, Braydon Ross & Tai Lopez. He consistently aims to carry all he's acquired over the years into his work and brings the best out of every person and opportunity before him!

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Co-Owner, Certified HSMC Professional & Interior Designer

As a young girl Lynniah knew she was destined to live a life of color, creativity + cultivation. Now, as one of the founders & creative directors of Crown HD, this is exactly what she gets to do! Whether its completely renovating a space or teaching everyday people how to cultivate HSMC's of their own, Lynniah is dedicated to bringing life, beauty, and vitality into all she pours into here at Crown HD.



Interior Designer & HSMC JumpStart Instructor

Our fabulous designer Dianna has quite the history in interior design with over 35years of experience, home improvement, and property management. In fact, we'd call her quite the expert! Dianna has flipped, designed & renovated many spaces of her own and now she is bringing her creativity, experience and expertise to you! You can rest assured that you are getting a real treat with our very own Dianna Camp!



Interior Designer, Professional Stager. 

If there's one thing for sure, it's that Yaminah has a serious eye for interior design! She does not play it safe and always manages to bring life, and FUN to every space she's working with. And though she looks young, she carriers a wealth of experience with over 22years in design, home improvement, property management and real estate. Her designs are jaw-dropping and will inspire anyone who gets the privilege of experiencing them!