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Lynniah Herron

Managing Partner

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My Story

Lynniah Herron is a seasoned entrepreneur and entertainment industry veteran with over 14 years of experience in business ownership. Over the years, she has successfully owned and operated several businesses, including a full-scale entertainment company that provided opportunities and services to independent recording artists worldwide. Lynniah first gained recognition in the entertainment industry as a talented songwriter, vocal producer and recording engineer, producing songs for top, award-winning artists, and as an actress working with prominent brands such as Google and InStyler.


As her entertainment company began to scale, Lynniah sought out avenues to continue to grow her wealth and diversify her investment portfolio, which ultimately led her to the world of real estate. She joined forces with Stephen Tonkin to found Crown HD Capital, a real estate investment firm that initially focused on light fix and flip projects before pivoting to short term rentals, where they acquired over 122 units in 2019. As their success in short term rentals continued, they shifted their focus to larger commercial real estate investments and have since acquired over 300 units in apartment buildings in their first six months as commercial real estate investors.


Lynniah's experience as an entrepreneur and her deep roots in the entertainment industry have been invaluable to her success in real estate investing, providing her with a unique perspective and skill set that she leverages to identify promising investment opportunities and develop creative solutions to complex challenges. Together with Stephen, she has raised over $20M in capital and built a thriving real estate investment firm known for its innovation, excellence, and commitment to achieving long-term financial success for itself and its partners.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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