Our HSMC Story

After learning from experts like Brian Page, Tai Lopez & Braydon Ross and creating a very successful AirBnb experience of their own, Lynniah & Stephen, the founders of Crown HD, knew they couldn't end there. Soon after, they began to build their very own HSMC (Home Sharing Management Company) from the ground up, which turned out to be an immediate success! It was evident to the pair that the strategies they learned and new strategies they implemented through their own experience had proven to be wildly successful. With a passion for homes AND hospitality, Crown HD, decided it was time to spread the wealth by offering their JumpStart & Short-Term Rental Management services, providing their knowledge and expertise to other property owners. Offering these two services in tandem enabled other property owners to enjoy all of the benefits of being a Short-Term Rental Hosts without ANY of the work! To learn more about us and how we help you create your own Short Term Rental click the button below. 

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Interior Design + Other Services

 Here at Crown HD, we are committed to excellence. What this means to us, is providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to the details, working exceptionally & efficiently, and keeping the lines of communication open with our clients in a clear and concise manor. We are confident you will find what your home or project needs with Crown HD! 

Learn More About The Specific Services We Offer Below: